India @ The Pierre


Seen en route to the Indian consulate last week.

The tricolor flies over the hotel that was once a fave of Princess Di’s, owing to the fact that the luxury lodging on Fifth Avenue is now managed by the Taj Group.

5 thoughts on “India @ The Pierre

  1. Virginia, I’d guess the Pierre would be too costly to do something like the KANK crew for that length of time again, whereas the Radisson is perfectly nice, and has probably gotten to know that clientele and their requirements, preferences, etc….

  2. Very interesting!!!!

    Do we think Bollywood and other media people will start staying there? Indian visitors were staying at the Tam-owned Lexington in the 60s, and the whole KANK platoon was staying in the same property, the Radisson (no longer a Taj place) in 2005.

    I assumed some kind of relationship persisted in some way making the Radisson attractive to these visitors. So – now what?

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