Waiting for darshan at Abhi’s place

Back in NY now, but one week ago, while driving through Juhu, we happened upon this scene:

…dozens and dozens of people at Abhishek Bachchan’s gate, hoping for a glimpse.   Of course, I had to get out of the car and add to the throng.

I mean, this guy really tied up traffic!   Just have a look at the median in front of his driveway:

Every so often, one of the doors would open a few inches, and we’d all hold our breath and surge forward a bit, but then nothing would happen, the door would close over again, and we’d all relax.

And look, they have a nimbu mirch too!

Clearly, some of those waiting were quite nonplussed:

Meanwhile, over at Dad’s….

One thought on “Waiting for darshan at Abhi’s place

  1. You’ve become quite a photo-reporter in the company of…you know who. I think that last picture is a lovely touch. Though I think you have just kissed your Big B interview goodbye.

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