MetMuseum: They have an app for that

It’s Saturday morning and you’re in NYC (or very close by) and thinking about what you can do this weekend… if you have the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s new app on your iPhone or iPad, you could take a look through there and see what’s on at the mothership on Fifth Avenue and 82nd Street […]

Traveler Ganapati

Some people always carry one or more special items with them whenever they travel; I’m no different. For years now, this small Ganesha, originally purchased in a little shop off Astor Place, has come along with me in my carry-on bag, and sat on nightstands around Asia and Europe for the duration: On this Ganesh Chathurti, when […]

Anthony Bourdain Launches “Medium Raw” in NYC

Yesterday, the man who consumed bhang in Rajasthan and later curled up in a ball on the sand to sleep it off, the man who provided this enlightening glimpse into the rules and regs of cricket, the man who once declared while eating kebabs in Bombay “No hairnet and latex gloves here“, New Jersey-born chef, […]

Waiting for darshan at Abhi’s place

Back in NY now, but one week ago, while driving through Juhu, we happened upon this scene: …dozens and dozens of people at Abhishek Bachchan’s gate, hoping for a glimpse.   Of course, I had to get out of the car and add to the throng. I mean, this guy really tied up traffic!   […]