4 thoughts on “What’s Hindi for ‘deja vu’ ?

  1. Ha ha!

    Hi Chachaji – great to have you back – I love looking at filmi music clips with the sound off.

    A girlfriend emailed me a link to the Amitabh lightbulb suit number and it was hilarious with no music!

  2. Hi Filmiholic!
    Haven’t been here in a while. Everything is nice as ever.
    My first reaction to this clip, though, is Yikes!

    Didn’t know how far this kind of thing had gone on. If you mute the sound and ignore the bharatnatyam for the few seconds it comes on, this could be anywhere….in Latin America??!!

  3. Odd, I thought they already dubbed HSM 2 ost into Hindi. Though this was literally the original soundtrack, not any new Indian working of it. I remember seeing the Hindi songs about, “I Don’t Dance” became “Main Nachu Na” etc.

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